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Wilmington NC Real Estate-Hidden Battleship

Ever wonder what goes on “behind the scenes” at the Battleship North Carolina?  Well, now you can investigate the unrestored areas of the ship in a small guided tour.  But hurry, your registration is due today for this weekend’s tour.  Contact:  Shelly Robinson (phone:  (910)251-5797) for further details.

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Keep an Eye on Your Credit

These days your credit rating and score can impact your ability to not only purchase a home, but it can also impact getting a job, insuring your home and/or belongings at a reasonable price. Often time problems on your credit report are mistakes or issues that can easily be taken care of.

It’s a good idea to check your credit score at least once a year through the three credit bureaus; Experian, Equafax and Trans Union. Just becausean item is not listed on one of the reports, doesn’t mean it isn’t on another and vice versa.

If there are issues that need to be disputed, be sure to keep documentation of any correspondence with the creditor.

Issues can take 90 days or more to be cleared from your credit history and reflect an improved score. Persistence is key.

I have a list of lenders that are able to work with you to improve your credit rating. If I can share this list with you, please call me at 910.431.9395 or email

What horror stories have you heard about credit scores and reports?

Wilmington NC Real Estate, “Love Letters”

Big Dawg Theater Productions launches its 16th year with the tragicomic romance between two people whose relationship is depicted in a series of letters spanning multiple decade.   The troupe plans to recruit multiple celebrity couples to perform the play over its four-weekend run. Jan. 20-23, 27-30, Feb. 3-6, 10-13.  Shows at 8pm, matinee at 3 on Sundays.  The show will take place at the Cape Fear Playhouse on Castle Street in downtown Wilmington.  To learn more about this show or Wilmington real estate contact me at 910-431-9395 or visit my website at