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Wilmington NC Real Estate – Another Reason We Are the Best

Did you know that Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage truly has the advantage? In the past when a Realtor listed your home in MLS, it was fed to various websites giving you a larger presence on-line. Recently our Multiple Listing Service made the decision to stop syndicating listings to these various internet resources. However, our company, Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage has continued to feed their listings to Zillow. Now, when a prospective buyer uses Zillow, Yahoo Real Estate, AOL Real Estate and HGTV to search for a home our listings are visible to them!

If you are listing your home, you should ask your Realtor where your home will be discovered! We’d love to sit down with you and show you our true advantage, call us today at 910.431.9395.

Wilmington NC Real Estate-The Good Problem to Have

I want to say a heart-felt congratulations to my sellers who recently closed on their home in Brunswick Forest.  It’s a wonderful experience to be able to help a client transition from one part of their life to another, and I am honored to be a part of that celebration.

With the sale of this home, I’ve found myself “low on listings”.  This is certainly a good problem to have, however, I’m not alone.  Real Estate professionals all over town have been talking about recent activity being the highest in several years.  If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to “list” your home because you feared the market was saturated, or if you’ve been waiting to purchase a home because you expected the market to “drop”, it may be time to rethink your strategy.

I would love the opportunity to discuss your real estate goals with you to decide if now is the right time!  Feel free to visit my website at

Working With The Best

I am proud to be associated with the best company around. When you work with me you get the best!

Check out the latest news from Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty:

Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty was number one in Adjusted Gross Commission and Total Units in North Carolina for independently owned and operated affiliated companies in the Coldwell Banker® system for the second quarter of 2011.

Out of approximately 1,081 Coldwell Banker affiliate companies in North America, Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty ranked No. 7 in Adjusted Gross Commission and No. 12 in Total Units.

“Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC prides itself as being a leader within the real estate industry, by combining a strong sense of tradition with innovative advances in technology and communication,” said Jim Gillespie, chief executive officer, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. “This could not be achieved without the fortitude and hard work of companies such as Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty, working hand-in-hand with the Coldwell Banker® systems and tools.”

“We are honored to recognize Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty as North Carolina’s number one company,” says Frank Lindsey, senior vice president and regional director for the Coldwell Banker® Southern Region. “Sea Coast Realty demonstrates exceptional service to its customers, in turn contributing to the betterment of North Carolina as a whole.”

Haven’t Sold A Home Lately?

I recently read an article on with tips on how to sell your home if you are a first time home seller.  As I read it, I realized that these tips are really the fundamentals of successfully selling your home.  If you haven’t sold a home in the last couple of decades, you may well remember these tips as things your REALTOR challenged you with. If you sold your home within the last decade and are selling again, it’s worth taking a look at these fundamentals:

1. Price it realistically from the start. If your market is still declining, you want to take that into account from the very start.  Sometimes chasing the market is unavoidable, but a good real estate agent should be able to forecast your particular market.  However, it’s good to know that pricing alone won’t sell the house, you’ll need to incorporate the other items on the list or your pricing strategy is in vain.

2. Be Prepared to Lose Money. Not everyone will lose money, but if you purchased in the last couple of years, or even used your home equity for other things over the years, chances are – you’re going to lose money.  Take heart, real estate is an investment and with all investments, sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.  My goal as a REALTOR, is to limit your loss and make sure you’re in the best possible situation to win with the next investment.

3. Promotion, Promotion, Promotion Sticking a sign in the yard doesn’t really cut it.  Just placing the home in MLS doesn’t really cut it either.  Make sure your REALTOR is using the latest technology to market your home, and make sure you sit down with your REALTOR and talk about their marketing strategy.  It should be tailored to your particular property!

4.Throw in Extras What is important to one prospective buyer may not be as important to the next, and vice versa.  Keep an open mind during negotiations, something as simple as a washer and dryer or a refrigerator may just close the deal.

5. Clear the Clutter If you don’t hire a home stager (and perhaps you should) pack up every single thing you don’t use on a daily basis.  Linen closets should hold only sheets and towels you’ll use that week. Clothes closets should hold just that season’s clothes (and even at that, pair it down!), children’s toys should be packed up and stored as best as possible. You get one chance to make a first impression and many buyers can’t see through the clutter.  As a real estate professional, I have access to homestagers that can help you make your home look fresh, appealing and clutter free.  Let me know if I can pass along their information.

6. Appeal to Lazy Buyers. Remember, you are competing against maybe 100s of houses.  If there are repairs that need to be done, get them out of the way before you list your home. Buyers are already dreading the hassle of a move, they want to be able to envision themselves relaxing on your beautiful back deck.  They don’t want to move in with a list of “honey-dos”.

7.  Put your Upgrade Money Where it Counts.  Be wary of adding features to your home that a buyer in your neighborhood wouldn’t pay for.  A good rule of thumb is to remember that any upgrade you add may not add to your list price, but it may help you stand out from your competition and assist in selling your home faster.

Considering selling your home? Let’s discuss these tips in more detail.  Call me today at 910.431.9395 so we can get started!

Curb Appeal Ranks High

With so many houses to choose from on the market these days, curb appeal is an absolute must. Prospective buyers may very well judge a book by its cover. recently posted 7 tips on improving your curb appeal:

1. Pressure Washing -in our area, with coastal breezes, it’s not uncommon for dirt to fly straight to our homes.  Many times the “mold” we see on houses is really just growing on the dirt that has stuck there.  A little pressure wash every 6 months will ensure would be buyers don’t have the wrong impression of your home.

2.Clean out Flower Beds – get to weeding and trimming!

3. Trim dead branches from trees – Not only will this make your home look fresher, but will encourage future growth.

4. Prune flowering shrubs – (see above) and, if they are already producing, place the trimmings in a vase inside for your enjoyment.

5. Container Plants – the good thing about planting a container garden? If your house sells, you get to take your garden with you!

6.  Clean your gutters! – With our long-needled pines in the area, cleaning the gutters are a must.  Just seeing overflowing gutters reminds would-be buyers of the maintenance involved in a house (a negative you shouldn’t be reminding them).

7. Add mulch or pine straw – fresh mulch and pine straw goes a long way in adding to curb appeal, brightening the garden and helping to cover any unwanted weeds.

For more tips or for questions on what you can to do make your home more presentable, feel free to give me a call at 910.431.9395.

Preparing Your Home to Put on the Market

Now is the time of year many people start thinking about listing their home and preparing for spring.    It can be frustrating and overwhelming if your home is old and needs some updating.  However, there are some quick solutions that don’t cost a lot of money or take a lot of time.

For example, a fresh paint of coat on the walls can make the home feel and smell new.

Take time to de-clutter!  As the years go by, we are often prone to gathering.  Go through closets and cabinets to box and store items that you don’t use on a daily basis.

Freshen up baths with new shower curtains, towels and bathrugs.

Need to update your kitchen?  Try a few of these tricks that won’t break the bank and may give the kitchen a whole new feel.

As you are preparing your home to list, feel free to call me.  I can walk through your home with you with a fresh pair of eyes and tell you how buyer prospects may view your home!

Market Update for Brunswick Forest

As of today, there are 36 available homes in our local Multiple Listing Service in Brunswick Forest.  In the last twelve months, 98 homes were sold.  Based on this historical data, 8 homes per month should be expected to sell moving forward.  Which means there is a 4.5 month supply.  The homes sold in the last year have sold for 99% of asking price.

This is good news for sellers in Brunswick Forest.  A “healthy” market condition is about a 6 month supply.  Sellers should be able to price their home somewhat aggressively and expect a quicker than average sale.

What does it mean for buyers? It will be all about negotiation.  Before making an offer, we will look at the comparative homes that have sold recently to determine if the seller is asking the right price.  If they are, a “deal” can still be had by other means than just monetary.  Maybe we’ll ask for the closing date that best suits your needs.

Whether your planning on selling your home in Brunswick Forest, or you are planning on purchasing your home, you’ll definitely need a professional that knows the market inside and out.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with you personally!  I would ask that you call today and allow me to help you!