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Enjoy the Nature!

Kayaking is just one of the many activities you are open to enjoy when you call 1319 Porches Drive in Tidalwalk home. The marsh rivers surrounding Tidalwalk will offer hours of exploration from a kayak or canoe.

water lifestyle in Tidalwalk

water lifestyle in Tidalwalk

Want to test the waters? Try renting a kayak from nearby Masonboro Watersports. I would love to meet you on-site and help you imagine the dream of living in Tidalwalk.  Give me a call at 910.431.9395

64th Annual Azalea Festival

We are just one week away from the start of the 64th Annual Azalea Festival.  Wednesday, April 6th marks the kickoff of this year’s Azalea Festive with the coronation of the Queen which is also a time of welcoming for the other celebrity guests.  Other events for this year’s Azalea Festival are the Circus, Coin Show, Street Fair, various concerts, Home & Garden Tour, and the Parade.

The Azalea Festival is always a fabulous time for residents and visitors of the Wilmington area.  Each year over 300,000 people visit the area to take part in the festival.  Will you be one of them this year?

Wilmington NC Real Estate, “Love Letters”

Big Dawg Theater Productions launches its 16th year with the tragicomic romance between two people whose relationship is depicted in a series of letters spanning multiple decade.   The troupe plans to recruit multiple celebrity couples to perform the play over its four-weekend run. Jan. 20-23, 27-30, Feb. 3-6, 10-13.  Shows at 8pm, matinee at 3 on Sundays.  The show will take place at the Cape Fear Playhouse on Castle Street in downtown Wilmington.  To learn more about this show or Wilmington real estate contact me at 910-431-9395 or visit my website at

Three Great Ways to Ring in the New Year, Wilmington NC Style

Out with the old and in with the new!  Below are just a few of the great events going on in the Wilmington, North Carolina area today and this evening!

1. Kure Beach – Island of Lights New Years Eve Countdown – (K Avenue)

Kure Beach will ring in the New Year beach style by dropping a lighted beach ball. A family event, the festivities start at 9:00pm and ends with  fireworks at midnight.  Enjoy dancing in the streets with a DJ, and free refreshments

2.  Take a cruise on the Henrietta III Riverboat

Hurry! Reservations are needed to enjoy the the Henrietta III steamboat this evening, but it’s guaranteed to be a great experience!  Dance the night away and enjoy a  heavy hors d’oeuvre buffet.  Party favors are included as well as a midnight champagne toast!  Visit the Cape Fear River Boat website for more information!

3. Noon Countdown at The Children’s Museum

Looking for a way to celebrate New Year’s with younger children?  The Children’s Museum downtown will ring in the New Year at noon with confetti and noisemakers!  Admission is free for members and $7.00 or $8.00 for non-members.

Don’t miss out on all the specials local restaurants and pubs have as well!  However you decide to celebrate, please be safe!

What to Know BEFORE Signing a Buyer’s Agency Agreement

Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Anytime someone puts something in front of me with a pen, my palms start to sweat a little. An agreement? With the word buyer in it??? Does that mean that I’m agreeing to buy something??? WAIT! I just wanted to look at that home, remember? I’m not ready to move into it yet! I have to sell my home first, I have to fix a few things in my home first. (Picture me running away)

Let’s clear up the Agency Agreement . Follow along…

First and foremost, the “Buyer’s Agency Agreement” is for YOUR protection if you even want to look at a home for sale. If I were queen for a day, I would probably change the wording of the form. Perhaps it would be “Buying Prospect” or “Looker”. You and I both know that if you are taking time from your busy schedule, and taking me away from my busy schedule to look at a home or two, you are going to buy when you find the right home for you, we just don’t need an official looking form to tell us so.

“Buyer’s Agency” and what it entails can be best cleared up with the form – Working With Real Estate Agents. The important thing to recognize is that if an real estate agent takes you to see a home and you haven’t signed an Agency Agreement before any of the information is presented to you, that real estate agent defaults to working for the seller. Let’s look at this scenario:

You, the “Looker”, have had your eye on a home for about 5 years now. Every time you drive by the home you know it’s the perfect home for your family, without even seeing the inside or knowing the condition of the home. You are in envy of the large wrap around front porch and the quaint flower garden protected by a picket fence. The neighborhood is well known to be fabulous and all the neighbors wave as you drive by (twice a week). By now, you are a regular fixture of the neighborhood.

One day, as you are on your semi-stalking mission, you see a for sale sign in the front yard. Your heart does a little leap in your chest and you’re suddenly thankful you kept my number in your mobile phone’s speed dial.

I know you love the home, because every time I speak with you or see you, it’s all you talk about. If I don’t have you sign the Buyer’s Agency Agreement before going to see the home, I’m obligated to tell the seller how much you love the home and how you would pay ANY asking price and more. I’m working for the seller, it’s my job. However, with a signed agency agreement, I’m obligated to keep all your secrets just that, secret. I’ll be working for you, working to get your dream home at a fair price with fair terms.

Now signing the aforementioned Buyer’s Agency Agreement doesn’t seem quite as daunting, does it?

One more thing to keep in mind, when you are working with a real estate agent (either buying or selling) your agent should be able to educate you on each and every form. A real estate professional should be able to competently answer any question you might have regarding any of many forms they are using.

Learn the History of the Cape Fear

Ever wonder what the early days of the Cape Fear area were like?  Who were it’s inhabitants? How did the land look?  Why did the Europeans settle here?

Well, now through the end of January you can satisfy your quest for knowledge by visiting the “Land of the Longleaf Pine” exhibit at the Cape Fear Museum.

The exhibit won won top prize for exhibition excellence from the Southeastern Museums Conference and well worth a cold or rainy day visit.  For more information, pricing, and museum hours visit the Cape Fear Museum’s website.